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It is an ancient and precious spice coming from the Minor Asia, which has arrived in Europe through the Spain around the year 1000. The first testimonials date back to the 1600; a document of that period underlines the presence of a saffron field in the municipality of Saint Pierre. The harvesting of saffron in Aosta Valley restarted in the year 2013 thank to a group of local farmers, after a break of almost 200 years. In fact, the last data about the presence of that spice into our region date back to the 1800.

The Farmhouse Rosset Terroir started its production during the 2014, and it is nowadays using that red gold as an ingredient for the production of the Ebo Lebo gran riserva, a spirit produced by the brand OTTOZ ALPINE LIQUEUR.

SPECIES: Crocus sativus L.

PRODUCTION AREA: Senin, Saint-Christophe, Valle d’Aosta

GROUND: Sabbioso e limoso

ALTITUDE: 750mt, N/S exposure


SURFACE: 500 m2

HARVESTING: Manuale, durante i mesi di ottobre e novembre

EXSSICATION: Tramite essiccatoio, immediatamente dopo la raccolta